Your Teen Driver And Accidents: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 14 January 2019

Regarding the operation of vehicles, teens are among the riskiest categories of driver. Teens do not have a fully mature brain, which means they cannot react as quickly as adults when driving. This is the reason why insurance expenses are higher for teens. Parents are responsible for damages caused by teens, so you need to know the following if your teen is involved in a car accident. No Teenage Exceptions
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Things To Know When Hiring A Private Investigator

Posted on: 5 December 2018

Private investigation services can serve a vital role for individuals that are needing an investigation completed that may not warrant criminal charges or police involvement. Despite private investigators being fairly common and popularly portrayed in the media, there are many misconceptions that clients can have about using these services. Can A Private Investigator Take Individuals Into Custody? It is commonly assumed that a private investigator will always have the authority to take individuals into custody.
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What Is An Inevitable Car Accident?

Posted on: 25 October 2018

If you are pursuing a car accident case, the inevitable accident defense is one of the claims the defendant can invoke to try and avoid liability. With this defense, a driver will claim that they didn't cause the accident and they couldn't have prevented it – in short, the accident was unavoidable. Here are three elements a driver may use to prove that an accident was inevitable: The Driver Couldn't Foresee the Accident
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A Dog Bite Can Result In Legal Hot Water

Posted on: 19 September 2018

Americans own almost 90 million dogs in 2017. Dogs bite an estimated 4.7 million people every year, and while the majority of those bites are minor, 800,000 still required medical care. In 2017, 39 Americans were fatally mauled, the majority by pit bulls. Dogs may be much-beloved in the United States, but they can be dangerous and unpredictable. Dog owners can also be sued or even face criminal charges if their animal bites someone or, worse, kills them.
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