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Revocable Trusts: A Key Part Of Your Estate Plan

Probate has been getting a lot of negative press lately; it seems that we see or read about “avoiding probate” every day or so. While it’s unlikely that you can completely avoid the probate process, there are several alternative methods of dealing with an estate that have certain major advantages. A revocable trust, also known […]

Three Types Of Disorders That Could Qualify Someone For Disability

Not everyone who qualifies for disability assistance has a visible medical condition. There are certain conditions other than physical impairments that can qualify someone to receive social security disability benefits. Here are three such categories. Disability for Anxiety Disorders Those who have an anxiety disorder so severe that it interferes with their daily activities may […]

What Can And Can’t A Prenuptial Agreement Protect?

Prenuptial agreements are legal agreements designed to protect things like debts, property, assets and businesses in the event of a divorce. Basically, a prenuptial agreement defines who gets what in the event of a divorce. In 1983, the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, or APAA, was enacted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State […]

Debts, Assets, Divorce And Community Property

The division of the marital estate, which consists of debts and assets, depends greatly on whether or not you and your spouse live in a state that uses community property laws or in one that uses what’s known as equitable distribution. There are only 9 states using the community property provisions, and if you are […]

Is Workers Comp Automatically A Good Deal?

The Workers Compensation insurance program (workers comp) is designed as a safety net to help workers recover and return to work. For injuries that can be fixed with a few days at home or in the hospital, it’s an easy situation of having your medical bills paid for by worker’s comp insurance and a portion […]

3 Tips For Filing A Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

In a criminal case, charges are typically brought forth by the county or municipality after a person is charged with a crime, and the defendant faces possible legal consequences. Civil lawsuits are quite different– anyone can file a civil lawsuit against an individual or company, and if a person wins their case, the other party […]