Severe Consequences Of Rear-End Motorcycle Collisions, And How To Navigate The Compensation Process

Posted on: 19 July 2022

Some motorcycle crashes involving vehicles and passengers may only cause minimal damage. However, rear-end collisions can be fatal, killing many motorcyclists, especially when the impact forces them to fly off their motorbikes. In addition, those who survive these crashes may suffer life-altering injuries that leave them bedridden for a long time. Therefore, if a motorist hits your motorcycle from behind, you may expect the following severe consequences. All of these might have a long-term impact on your life, and it would be wise to consider hiring a legal advisor to assist you in getting compensation.

Back Injuries

Most riders land on their backs when involved in a rear-end crash. As a result, they may break several bones, sever the spinal column, or suffer severe injuries that could cause permanent paralysis. Such conditions require specialized treatment and long-term care. Therefore, it would help to seek compensation that'll enable you to get money to facilitate your treatment. You may also require financial help to foot your bills as you recover. Your lawyer will ask you to undergo a comprehensive medical examination to determine your condition. Then, they will use the medical report to negotiate a settlement covering all your medical expenses and the wages you lose as you seek treatment.

Head Trauma

Head injuries are also common when motorcyclists are hit from behind. Unfortunately, they can cause devastating effects that might affect the individual for the rest of their lives. For instance, neurological damage or impairment can affect your working ability, forcing you to rely on financial support for survival. Most brain injuries also require expensive treatment, which you might be unable to foot from your pocket. Your attorney can file a lawsuit against the party who caused your collision, helping to relieve you of the financial burden.

Fatalities from the Collision

Motorcyclists do not have the vehicle body protection drivers have. Therefore, a single collision can toss them off the motorcycle, and the rider could land on an object or another vehicle. This can cause death immediately or even while in medical care. You can file a wrongful death lawsuit if your loved one dies in a motorcycle crash. Your legal advisor will investigate the crash and gather the information necessary to prove your case. They will then file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer to ensure they face justice and compensate your family.

A rear-end motorcycle collision can cause significant injuries and damage. Therefore, you need to consider filing a claim to enable you to get payments for your damages and the loss of a relative if they lose their life in the crash. A motorcycle accident lawyer can handle the claim to enable you to receive the compensation.