Tips for Winning Physical Custody During a Divorce

Posted on: 25 February 2020

Are you looking to retain physical custody of your child when going through a divorce? If so, it will help to know these tips that will help you get the outcome you desire.

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

The first step is hiring a child custody lawyer to fight on your behalf. They have seen many of these cases go to court and know what defenses are going to work best to win your physical custody. They may have experience with a certain judge and know what factors can persuade them, or know when to request a jury to decide the case.

Have a Job with Flexibility

Being the sole parent with physical custody means that a lot of responsibility is going to fall on you. This is not always possible when you have a job that requires you to be at the office before and after your children are at school. You'll want to have a job that gives you the flexibility to prove that you can be there for your children when necessary. For example, you may consider switching to a freelance career, which means you can be there for school pick up and drop off.

Provide Stability for Your Children

One thing that a judge or jury is going to look for is if you can provide stability in the lives of your children. This includes living in an area where your children would go to the same schools, be near the same friends, and would not have many things change in those aspects of their life. This also extends to employment. You may need to show records that you've been able to bring in consistent and stable income, so your children would not have to worry about money as the sole provider of the family. 

Provide a Great Home Environment

The environment where your children live can also be a big influence. For example, if you have two kids that have been living in a home with their bedroom, it will help to also have a similar home environment for them to live in with you. Making a significant downgrade in their home environment may not be viewed as being best for the children, and cause you to not win physical custody. 

Bring Plenty of Evidence of Good Parenting

It is up to you to prove that you are capable of being a good parent by presenting evidence. If you were the parent that was responsible for taking your children to their doctor's appointments or the one that attended parent conferences at school, use this evidence to your advantage to show that you are doing your part.