Three Mistakes That Will Get Your Personal Injury Case Dismissed

Posted on: 16 July 2018

When you are in a car accident and you are injured, you may decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the other drivers. First and foremost, consult a personal injury lawyer. Then avoid the following mistakes that could get your lawsuit tossed out of court or cost you money.

1. Telling One or More of the Other Drivers You Will Pay Them for Damages

The biggest mistake most people make after an accident is opening their mouths and telling other drivers that the accident was their fault and that the other drivers will be compensated. This not only goes against what a lawyer would tell you to do, but it also sets the stage for lawsuits against you, even if the other drivers were at fault. They can then turn around and sue you when you do not pay.

They can also file a countersuit against you for what you said at the scene of the accident. When you are in an accident, say nothing to the other drivers, not even a confirming statement that you are okay. Wait for the police, and exchange insurance information via the police only.

2. Doing Physical Activity That Makes It Seem Like You Are Fine

Sure, painkillers can definitely make you feel as though you are a hundred percent better, but that does not mean you should go out dancing in a public place. It makes you appear to be a liar or scam artist, even though you are not and it is just the effects of your pain relief medicine. If any video of you doing physical activity that goes against your statements of pain and injury is taken and brought into court, your case is probably going to be dismissed. At the very least, the judge would want an explanation of your behavior.

3. Publishing on Social Media How You Are Suing and Going to Come into Some Money Soon

Social media is a communication trap for all those who cannot keep some information quiet. Claiming that you are going to garner a lot of money from your lawsuit or that you are going to get a lot of money from those who hit you in the accident can be seen as boastful. Boastful statements can be misconstrued as an admission of acts of fraud. Until you have actually won your lawsuit, do not make any statements relating to your case on social media.

After you've been in an accident, the most important things to do is say nothing to anybody at the scene and call a personal injury lawyer, such as Terrel DoRemus & Associates, who can help you navigate your case.