Suing For A Defective Building Construction Project

Posted on: 7 March 2018

Getting a building constructed is the type of investment that many people put a lot of money and time into. You must hire the right contractors to ensure that the structure is stable and safe. If you hired a general contractor to overlook your construction project and later found out that the building is defective, he or she might be legally obligated to pay for changes to be made. Depending on the specific situation, money can be obtained for various aspects of the what you are going through. This article explain how a lawyer can help you get the justice that is deserved for the mistakes that were made in regards to your building being constructed.

Learn About the Construction Defects

To determine if you have a good case, a lawyer must here about the defects that were found after your building was constructed. You must explain what makes the defects unsafe, as well as whether or not you complained about the problem. Did the general contractor ignore your complaints and refused to provide compensation? How much authority did you personally have over instructing sub-contractors during the project?

Determine the Role of the General Contractor

The role of the general contractor during the project is important in determining if he or she can be held liable for the building defects. For instance, a lawyer will need to know if all other contractors were ordered to do their jobs based on how they were instructed by the general contractor. Was there an architect working on the project with the general contractor? If so, it is possible that the architect is the one that should be held responsible for the building being improperly constructed. The person responsible for drafting up the blueprint can also be held responsible, such as if there are mistakes in the documents.

Contact the Responsible Parties About the Dispute

After the lawyer has determined who is liable for the defective aspects of the building, he or she will get in touch with them. Each liable person will receive an explanation of why he or she is being sued. Contacting each party will likely be done by sending them notarized documents that will let them know that the legal dispute is serious. It is also possible for the lawyer to call each party on the phone as well.

Try Get You Paid without Going to Court

Upon explaining your complaint to each responsible party, the lawyer will then try to set up a mediation session. The reason why is because going through mediation is the most cordial way to settle a lawsuit without a possible long court trial. Mediation only works if all parties are able to come to an agreement that is fair for everyone involved. Court is necessary if mediation isn't conducted in a cordial manner.

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