Don't Get Fooled: Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

Posted on: 31 December 2017

During that confusing and stressful time period after an accident, it's difficult to concentrate on anything except getting better from your injuries. Placing a high priority on your health and recovery is a smart move, since your actions after a car wreck could have serious ramifications. You will need to deal with the fact that your accident was caused by another driver, but if you think you can just put that aside for very long you are incorrect. Read on and be ready for the phone call that could place your entire accident claim in jeopardy.

The Insurance Adjuster and Their Role

You may get a call from the insurance adjuster for your own insurance, and you may want to take care when speaking on the record about the wreck. It is very likely a requirement of your policy that you be interviewed over the phone about the wreck. You should, however, speak to a personal injury attorney before you agree to the call.

You will likely get another type of call about the wreck from the insurance adjuster for at-fault driver's insurance as well, and this should put you on high alert. Insurance companies, even your own, are not in the business of just handing out money for accidents; they only make money when people don't get paid what they deserve. This adjuster is specifically trained to speak to accident victims with the sole purpose of getting them to say something that could end up damaging their claim. Don't let this happen to you.

Understanding Liability

Accidents are not always simple, and sometimes more than one party is at fault. If you share part of the fault (known as liability in insurance terms) for the accident, your compensation will be reduced considerably. The problem with recorded phones calls from the insurance adjuster is that it's so easy to take responsibility for a part in the accident when you truly deserve to be compensated for 100% for it.

Where You Can Trip Yourself Up

Most people are just naturally honest and would be horrified at being accused of not telling the truth, but human nature and memory issues can make it seem like you are lying about the accident if you are not careful. Every time you tell someone about the accident, you may change a detail or remember a new one. This tendency to give inconsistent accounts, when added up, can and will cause you problems with your claim. Be careful when speaking about the accident, whether it be to your doctor, to insurance adjusters or on social media.

Just Refuse

You should understand that no matter what the insurance adjuster for the other side tells you, you are under no obligation to speak to them. It is not a requirement for getting compensation and can actually damage your case. Instead, speak to a personal injury attorney and get the support, protection and advice you need to be compensated fully for your damages.

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