Money Laundered By A Business Partner: What A Lawyer Can Do

Posted on: 28 January 2016

Have you been suspicious that your business partner has been laundering money for his or her personal interests? If you are sure that your business partner is laundering money but don't have evidence to prove that it is happening, it is time for you to hire a litigation lawyer. Discover below how a litigation lawyer will help you get the evidence that you need against your business partner and recover the money that was laundered.

How Can a Lawyer Assist with a Money Laundering Case?

The first thing that a litigation lawyer will need before assisting with your case is information as to why you think your business partner is laundering money. The consultation with your lawyer is actually an important part of the overall outcome of the case, so you must make sure that you are truthful about everything.

Based on the answers that you give to the questions asked, the lawyer will determine if you have a good case and how he or she should go about helping you win. Exaggerating details about any information can lead to your argument being weakened, as you lawyer will not be able to properly prepare. Inaccurate information can also lead to you having little to no credibility in court or during mediation.

The next thing that will be done by the lawyer is hiring an investigator to find out if your business partner has any suspicious activity that can be proven. For instance, the investigator will find out if your business partner has a habit of depositing high amounts of money into his or her personal bank account. The lawyer can then weigh the difference between the suspicious amount of money that the other party deposits and the amount of money that is suspected of being laundered. The other party's quality of lifestyle in comparison to his or her income will also be investigated.

The lawyer will then present the evidence to your business partner via mediation or in court and request that the laundered money is paid back.

What Will a Litigation Lawyer Charge for a Money Laundering Case?

 A litigation lawyer will charge you based on how complex the case is. The estimated rate that lawyers charge by the hour is between $90 and $500 plus. The rate charged will come out of a retainer fee that you will be asked for in advance.

Find out if your business partner is laundering money with the help of a litigation lawyer by contacting a local law firm, such as FactorLaw.