How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You After The Divorce

Posted on: 28 August 2023

Just because your divorce is over does not mean you are free from divorce-related legal problems. You may experience post-divorce problems that require a lawyer's intervention. Below are specific ways your divorce lawyer can help you after the divorce.

Divorce Appeal

You can appeal your divorce outcome if you disagree with the judge's ruling and have the legal backing for your disagreement. Therefore, you may need a divorce lawyer to appeal or to handle your appeal if your partner appeals.

Involving a lawyer is crucial because many people don't understand the divorce appeal meaning and process. For example, an appeal is not a new trial. You must show that the judge made an error or abused their power considering what the law says on the disputed issues. You must also adhere to strict procedures and timeliness with the appeal.

Note that family court judges have considerable leeway in determining divorce cases. Family law usually prescribes the minimum guidelines the court must follow but allows the judges to determine the exact details. Thus, you might not succeed with an appeal if you do not prove that the judge completely disregarded the law.

Divorce Motion Modification

Modifying a divorce motion is a better approach for dealing with unfavorable divorce outcomes. In this case, you want the court to modify a specific issue because you believe the judge did not have the whole picture or all facts during the initial trial. You can also seek a modification if the circumstances have changed since the trial.

For example, you can petition the court to modify:

  • Child custody and visitation orders
  • Alimony determination
  • Child support orders
  • Asset division

Consider a case where you finalize your divorce only to realize that your partner did not disclose some of their income. You can petition the court for increased alimony and child support amounts.

Enforcement of Divorce Orders

Lastly, you may also need the lawyer's help to enforce the divorce orders if your former partner gives you a hard time. Say the judge gave you the marital home, but your partner has refused to vacate it. Another example is if your partner is not remitting the support payments you should get. You may need the court's help to compel your ex-partner to meet their obligations.

You do not have to use the same lawyer who handled your divorce for the post-divorce problems. For more information, reach out to a divorce lawyer near you.