Injured Due to Negligence? Know the Types of Compensation You Can Receive

Posted on: 22 March 2021

If you suffered an injury due to the negligence of another person, you can typically seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit to receive money for your direct medical expenses. However, things get a bit more complicated when your injuries extend beyond what can be seen. Here are a few questions you're likely to have about those other forms of compensation.

Future Medical Bills

Everyone's medical treatment does not always end by the time that you settle on a personal injury lawsuit. There may be more medical bills that you have to pay far into the future for things like therapy to recover from an injury, durable medical goods, and even copays for doctor visits to have the injury checked up on over time. These are costs that will need to be estimated by a lawyer so that you can request the proper amount of money when accepting a settlement offer. This is because you cannot come back later and seek more money for future expenses after you settle.

Lost Income

An injury that is serious is going to leave you unable to work for some time while you recover. These lost wages are actually something that you can recover in a personal injury lawsuit. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to be an hourly worker to recover lost wages, since even salaried employees can seem compensation. Using sick days or personal days to recover from your injury can be reimbursed. If you took a loss of income to recover for any lost days at work, those days can be compensated. This also includes potential future wages after you reach a settlement.

Pain and Suffering

There is a large range of compensation for pain and suffering since a minor injury can have less compensation than someone that suffered from a lost limb. It can be hard to estimate what pain and suffering damages are, and your lawyer will not have a clear picture on what pain and suffering damages are until after you've started to recover and you've seen the full extent of your injury. 

Permanent Injury Damages

It's possible that your injury left you with some sort of permanent damage. It could be something as simple as a permanent scar, or something more extreme like the loss of the use of one of your limbs. These permanent injuries can also be compensated for during a personal injury lawsuit to give you some sort of way to help you deal with an injury that will last the rest of your life. 

If you think you have a case, contact a personal injury lawyer.