Why You Shouldn'T Accept Cash After An Auto Accident

Posted on: 14 May 2020

If you are involved in an auto accident, you might be tempted to accept a cash offer from the other diver. Unfortunately, that rarely turns out to be a wise decision. Below are some of the reasons you should be wary of such a cash offer.

Problems with Injury and Damage Estimation

Many accident victims don't have a good picture of their injuries or vehicle damages immediately after an accident. First, unless you are an auto mechanic, you might not know that some seemingly superficial damages hide significant damages. Secondly, even if you have obvious damage, you might have the wrong idea of its repair cost.

For example, a windshield crack doesn't mean that you just have to replace the class, and you are done. Some windshields have sensors, such as safety and rain sensors, which you must also replace. That means you might accept a low figure that cannot compensate for your damages.

Possibility of a Counterclaim

Another problem of accepting cash at the scene of an accident is that the other motorist can go back on their word and sue you for damages. You are not safe even if the driver accepts liability for the accident and is the one who offers the cash compensation. What if someone listens to the driver's story and convinces them that you were the one at fault?

That would mean you would be facing a claim or lawsuit for an accident that your insurance carrier or the police doesn't know about. Defending such an auto accident is not easy. Your carrier can even leave you out in the cold because most insurance companies require their clients to report auto accidents as soon as they occur.

Loss of Evidence

Lastly, there is also a chance that you may realize the folly of your ways and decide to file a claim after accepting the money. Maybe you made the decision to accept the cash in a rush, adrenaline was pumping through your system, or you were in shock. Whatever the reason or your change of mind, your claim will be more complicated than it would have been if you hadn't accepted the cash.

You need strong evidence to succeed with an auto accident claim or lawsuit. The evidence comes in the form of accident pictures, witness testimony, and an accident, among other things. You won't collect such evidence if you take the cash offer. The evidence might be stale or missing by the time you change your mind and decide to file a claim.

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