Taking Legal Action Against A Resident For Breaking HOA Rules

Posted on: 14 April 2020

Renting a condominium is a great way to live, as it usually comes with the advantage of living in a community that is nice and well taken care of. However, owning a condominium is an even better way of living, as you get all of the benefits that comes along with renting, but changes to the design of the unit can also be made. There is usually an HOA for owners of condominiums as well, which is why the properties are usually appealing. Without an HOA in place, such communities can fall into bad shape and cause the homeowners to lose property value and have to deal with a lower standard of living. If you are a board member of an HOA and have been dealing with residents who are not following the rules, hiring an association attorney might be necessary.

Damaged Exterior Materials

Depending on the extent of damage to the other party's property and what the rules of the HOA are, you might be able to take legal action. For example, if the siding on a condo is damaged and no one has made repairs after you have issued a warning, you might need to take further action. An attorney will analyze the specific rules that are written within the HOA guidelines for residents to follow. He or she will determine if the resident is at fault for breaking the rules, as well as what you can do about it.

Destroying a Nice Landscape

When a resident doesn't take care of his or her lawn at a condominium community, it can cause neighbors to lose interest in spending time outside their homes. For example, if the HOA maintains the landscapes that have grass, but a resident destroys the grass, it can affect his or her neighbors. It is also likely that such an action is breaking the rules of the HOA, but you can ask an attorney for assistance if you are unsure. An attorney can actually assist with serving the resident with a fine, and they can also explain what can happen if he or she does not pay the fine and make any necessary changes to the landscape.

Choosing an Unacceptable Paint Color

In order to keep a condo community appealing, an HOA often sets rules in regards to how residents can paint their homes. If you have unsuccessfully warned a resident about painting the exterior of their condo a color that isn't accepted by the HOA, you might need to hire an attorney before the problem will get resolved. The attorney can draft up legal documents that explain to the resident that the shade of paint must be changed, as well as details in regards to how he or she is breaking the rules of the HOA.