Is That Product Defective? What To Understand About Product Liability

Posted on: 11 October 2019

When the worst happens as a result of a bad product, you may be entitled to money damages. Consumers should expect products to not only do their job but also be as safe to use as possible. In some cases, products are not manufactured correctly, are not designed with safety in mind, or do not perform as expected. Product defects fall into several categories. If you or a loved one have been hurt by a product, you might want to gain a greater understanding of where some manufacturers go wrong.

Defects in Manufacturing

This type of defect may only be limited to a low number of incidences or it could affect thousands. A great deal depends on how many are harmed by the product before the problem is identified and rectified. Often, something goes wrong at some stage in the manufacturing process and the product is sold to consumers before it's noticed. Unfortunately, those that are affected by bacteria in food or an employee not doing their job correctly may only care about how the manufacturing defect has affected their lives and not that the problem is limited to a few people. Because manufacturers often catch and fix the situation that harmed someone, it can be more of a challenge to prove a defect in manufacturing. Be sure to save any evidence of the bad product and your proof of damages (medical bills, etc).

Defects in Marketing

This defect is all about the publicity surrounding a product and the instructions for use. If you use a product but ignored the instructions, you are not likely to have a course of action in a lawsuit. If the instructions were incomplete or just plain wrong, you have a case. Side effects are a huge area of marketing defects when it comes to drugs and explains why some drugs have a seemingly endless list of potential side effects.

Defects in Design

From the beginning, Takata airbags were defective and it has been shown that the design of the airbag is to blame for thousands of resulting injuries. This type of injury resulting from a safety feature itself can be particularly disturbing. Often, it can be shown that the manufacturer actually knew about the design flaw and failed to take timely action to prevent further injuries. Recalls often come too late for victims of defects in the design of a product.

When you are hurt by a bad product, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, personal property damages, and more. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your losses as soon as possible.