Age Discrimination Against Senior Citizens

Posted on: 28 April 2019

With the number of businesses that are running in large cities, finding a job seems as though it should be an easy mission to accomplish. However, finding employment can be difficult if you have health problems, or if you are a senior citizen. There are actually a substantial amount of jobs for senior citizens, but employers are not always willing to to hire them due to there being a desire for younger employees. There are usually laws in place to protect job seekers from becoming victims of age discrimination, but unfortunately many people end up in such a situation. In this article, you will find out how age discrimination law services can help if you believe you were denied a job due to being a senior citizen.

Assess Your Overall Health Condition

Your health condition will play a role in a lawyer determining if you were actually discriminated against when applying for a job. It is possible that the employer believed you were not suitable health wise when it comes to performing the type of work that the job involved. For instance, if you were asked how many pounds you are able to lift but didn't meet the minimum requirements, it may have been why you were denied the job position. A lawyer will want a copy of your medical records so he or she can ensure that you are healthy enough for the type of work you were trying to do. He or she might ask you specific questions about your health, so be prepared to answered in a truthful manner.

Discuss Details of Your Job Interview

Discussing the nature of the conversation that you had with the hiring manager during the job interview should be expected when you speak to a lawyer. You must provide all of the details, such as if you were bluntly told that you are too old for the job position. Were you told anything degrading, such as that younger employees are wanted because they appeal to customers better? Did you feel as though the interviewer was making fun of you for being a senior citizen?

Discover if You Were Affected Mentally

How did you feel after the job interview was over? If you became depressed and too embarrassed to apply for other jobs, it is a sign that your mental health was affected. You might be able to receive compensation for your mental health, so you can seek counseling. You can provide the lawyer with evidence if you are already seeing a counselor and want to be compensated for what you have already spent on the services.