Protecting Yourself Legally When Creating Your Own Cell Phone App

Posted on: 29 September 2016

If you have a great idea for a program for people to use on their phones, and you wish to go ahead with plans to have it developed as a sell-per-download application, there are several steps you will need to take to ensure it is successful when it is released on the market. Taking the time to become knowledgeable of the events you need to undertake before the release date will help protect yourself from any possible lawsuits from occurring. Here are some steps you will need to consider before launching the application to your desired platform for customer usage.

Write A Contract Showing Ownership

If you do not develop the app using software on your own, and hire a developer to help with this endeavor, it is important to have a written contract showing who will be the receiver of any money made from the downloads the program gets after its release. This contract can specify what percentage of profit you are able to keep for yourself as well as who is responsible for any expenses incurred if updates to the program are needed to fix bugs after its release as well as any advertising you do to increase attention to the product. This should be drafted and brought to an attorney for review before the application goes on the market.

Select The Right Name For The Program

Before releasing a program to be downloaded, it is extremely important to select the right name to describe its purpose. A catchy name will usually attract attention over standard terms used in everyday conversation. Before the name is set in stone, it is best to do research to make sure it is not already in use by another application so you do not come across legalities in stealing the idea from a competitor. Check the US Patent and Trademark Office to see if your title is already in use and file the appropriate paperwork for your app's name and logo so others do not legally have the right to use it for their own apps in the future.

File For A Software Patent And Copyright Protection

A software patent will not be granted for several months to years after the release of the program. This, like a trademark, is obtained through the US Patent and Trademark Office and will protect all aspects of your app from being blatantly copied by another. You will be able to sue someone for selling the app under their own name. Since this does not go into effect for a while after the app is released, consider filing for a copyright through the US Copyright Office as well. This protects your ideas during the construction of the app. An attorney can help with the filing process and will be available to assist you should you find out someone else takes your ideas or copies your app to sell as their own.

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