Going To Court For A DUI? Here's What You Can Do To Support Your Lawyer

Posted on: 22 August 2016

Are you preparing to go to court for a DUI case? There are a few things you can do to support your defense and your lawyer, which decreases the chances of you having to do jail time or pay a huge fine. The key is to prove that you're serious about refraining from drinking and driving again in the future.

Write a Personalized Letter

An excellent way to show the judge in your case that you're serious about staying sober while driving at any time in the future is to write a personalized letter addressed to the court. Your letter should acknowledge any past problems you have had with drinking and driving, as well as outline the steps you are currently taking and your plans for ensuring sobriety while behind the wheel from here on out. Include information about your job, what you do on your free time, and any specific things you're doing to control your drinking. Make several copies of the letter so that your lawyer, the prosecuting attorney, and the judge can have their own.  

Do Some Volunteer Work

Volunteering within your community is sure to lower your stress levels, improve your overall emotional health, and effectively block destructive ideas, impulses, and emotions. All of these benefits should make it easier to stay focused on sober living and driving.

Something as simple as offering to prepare rooms for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or calling on others in the program to provide your support can make a significantly positive impact on your own life goals and sobriety efforts. You can also talk to teens about the dangers of drinking and driving or help raise awareness about DUIs through events like car washes. Any volunteer work that you do should be recorded in a notebook and signed off on by your volunteer manager so you can submit it to the court.

Participate in a Support Group

Regularly taking part in a support group for alcohol addiction will help prove to the court that you're serious about staying sober when you are behind the wheel at all times. You can join a local Alcoholics Anonymous group and attend at least once a week, or participate in one of the many online support groups, such as Smart Recovery, that offer virtual group meetings. Make sure that your facilitator signs a log every time you show up for a meeting to prove your participation – online facilitators should be able to provide you with digitally signed logs.

These methods and techniques should help minimize the repercussions you end up facing as a result of your DUI and make it easy to live a happy, sober life (at least while driving) from here on out. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Lowry Law Firm.