2 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Attorney

Posted on: 10 September 2015

A divorce attorney can be your best resource for making sure that your divorce goes smoothly, mostly because he or she can provide you with assistance both during and after a divorce. You should hire a divorce attorney because he or she can provide mediation services and help make sure that your ex follows through with the terms of the divorce. 

Provide Mediation Services

Mediation services are one of the easiest ways to get through a divorce process, although it will require that you and your spouse are on decent terms. The reason for this is that mediation is going to require that you and your spouse sit down and deal with every aspect of the divorce agreement before it is submitted to a judge for his or her approval.

Your discussions will cover everything from who gets what property, to how much support is going to be paid to whoever has primary custody of the children. In addition, you will also be discussing any special custody or visitation arrangements during  mediation.

The reason that mediation is so easy when compared to a regular divorce proceeding is because the divorce is complete as soon as a judge approves of the mediation agreement. This means that the entire process could theoretically be completed in just a few weeks. When compared to all of the stress and hassle that comes along with a traditional, adversarial divorce case in court, you can see how mediation is a great choice.

Make Sure That Everyone Follows Through On The Terms Of The Divorce

Finally, a divorce attorney can help you make sure that your ex does everything that he or she agreed to in the divorce or mediation agreement. For example, if your ex is not making his or her support payments on time (or at all) then your attorney can contact him or her to discuss why there is a problem with the payments. If contacting your ex and his or her attorney does not resolve the issue, then your attorney can contact the judge and ask him or her to allow your ex's wages to be garnished so that you receive your payments automatically.

Speak to a divorce attorney (such as one from Eschbacher Law) today in order to discuss how to make your divorce go as smoothly and easily as possible. A divorce attorney can make the entire divorce proceeding less stressful by offering mediation services while also helping to ensure that your ex follows through on what he or she agreed to when the divorce was finalized.