Four Workers' Compensation Scenarios You Shouldn't Try To Fight On Your Own

Posted on: 7 July 2015

If you have received an injury in the workplace, the hope is that workers' compensation insurance will cover your needs. If your employer or insurance provider aren't doing everything that they can to cover your lost wages and medical care, you may want to hire on a workers' compensation attorney.

Here are four scenarios where having an attorney by your side can bolster your workers' compensation case:

1. If Your Claim is Denied or Delayed

If you are having trouble even getting your personal injury claim recognized by your employer or insurance provider, you may need a lawyer to get the ball rolling. Sometimes employers might be ignorant to the process, or insurance providers might not understand the severity of your case. Have a workers' compensation attorney step in and get your claim taken seriously.

2. If You Have Suffered a Permanent Injury

Insurance companies may hedge on a permanent injury because this might turn into a long term, costly payout on their end. If you are suffering from a long term or permanent injury, you will need to be compensated appropriately. Don't give up on the settlement that you deserve out of frustration, hire on a lawyer to fight your case.

3. If You Have Received an Unfair Settlement Offer

If the settlement that you are offered by your insurance provider doesn't cover all of your medical bills or lost wages, you might the expertise of an attorney to reject an initial settlement and work to revise this. Insurance agencies might offer up a low settlement as starting negotiation, and you will need a workers' compensation attorney to represent your case. They can work to bring in a better settlement or bring your insurance provider to court.

4. If Your Employer Creates a Hostile Work Environment

If your employer has created a hostile work environment because of your injuries, this needs to be brought to a lawyer. Demotions, pay cuts and loss of hours may all be passive aggressive tactics used by your employer. You shouldn't be punished for seeking out coverage for lost wages or medical claims for an accident that was your employer's fault.

If your personal injury claim has fallen into any of these categories, be sure to find a workers' comp attorney that can review your case and go over options available. Getting the care and compensation that you deserve must be a priority. Your lawyer will be able to ensure that your case is taken seriously by both your employer and insurance.

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