At The Scene: Three Things You Should Never Do If You've Been In A Car Accident

Posted on: 12 February 2015

There's never a good time for a car accident, but a car accident can turn into a horrible situation if there are injuries involved. Unfortunately, legal help is sometimes needed to make sure you're properly compensated for an accident.

Since an accident with injuries is something people rarely deal with, it's easy to make a mistake in the post-accident haze. Certain things you do or say can actually impact your ability to receive compensation. Here's a look at three things you should never do after a car accident:

#1: Don't Say You're Sorry It's a natural reaction. Whether you're at fault or not, one of the first things many people do after an accident is apologize. But saying you're sorry could hurt your claim. It implies guilt, no matter what really happened. And if an accident is determined to be your fault, there's almost no chance you'll receive compensation for your case. Don't say you're sorry, and don't apologize for anything.

#2: Don't Falsify Any Information This should go without saying, but don't be tempted to falsify your medical history, your current injuries, or your account of the accident. Misrepresenting information to a doctor could cause him to misdiagnose you, and influence his opinions about your injuries. And in order to properly represent you, your lawyer will need to trust your account.

Be truthful in any information you give to your doctor, lawyer, or police officers. The truth always has a way of coming out, and lying about anything (even something small) will destroy your chances of a successful case.

#3: Don't Accept A Settlement Without Legal Representation

After an accident, remember that your insurance company isn't necessarily looking out for your best interests. They want to settle as cheaply as possible. Your insurance company may call or write you shortly after you've reported your accident with an offer of compensation. But you should almost never accept this first offer. You may go to the doctor and find out your injuries were worse than you though, but you've already reached a settlement agreement. Don't agree on compensation without your lawyer's approval.

But, even with these tips in mind, you'll still need someone in your corner fighting for you. Trusting a legal professional with your car accident case can be the quickest way to come to a successful resolution. They've got years of experience, and have likely dealt with hundreds of cases just like yours. When you're taking the stress off of yourself, and you're increasing your chances of success in the process, there's no reason not to trust a professional.

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