How To Bring More Attention To A Social Security Claim

Posted on: 29 January 2015

The social security claim system can seem daunting, and can be discouraging after a denial. Whether you're filing for the first time or working on an appeal, there are ways to enhance your claim that may attract a more interested and thorough look by claims officials. Consider a few claims enhancement techniques to add to your next social security claim.

Denials Are Not Permanent

The problem with traditional medical claims is that they're often in black and white text format. The dry text and mountains of forms can become monotonous for anyone; when it's your job to filter through the paperwork, it's understandable that they all may seem to be the same. Unfortunately, if your claim lacks information and isn't able to stand out with small details in text, you may be looking at a rejection that asks for more information.

If you're truly suffering and in need of disability, don't let the denial get you down. In many cases it's simply a matter of better conforming to the claims requirements and submitting more information that can help your claim look better during analysis. A social security disability attorney may be necessary, as a skilled legal professional will know the system's best practices for getting the information you need in the format that will be best accepted by claims officials.

Video Recording Is Easier Than Ever

There are no official requirements for video or picture evidence in a disability claim, but that doesn't mean you can't share the information. When you're in for a disability hearing or working with the claims process for more information, suggest video evidence. Get permission from your medical team to take a video of your medical exam. If they know ahead of time, the medical staff can begin thinking on the best way to efficiently examine and point out certain problems for a clear, to-the-point video. Pictures of certain key problems can help as well. A video is good for a claims official looking to take in information while taking a break from the paperwork stack, but pictures can be referred to quickly and attached to certain claim statements.

There are certain ways to arrange the evidence to read easier and look better in the claims office. A social security disability system attorney like Craig H Kline Law Office can help you prepare your documents in an organized package and get the information to a claims official that can help. Contact an attorney to begin planning your new claim or appeal.